Baby Photography Client Reviews

“I was familiar with Joy Lyn Photography long before our son Stratton was born.  Joy did an incredible job of photographing both our engagement and our wedding, but it was our newborn session that I’d been dreaming of since first seeing her work.

Joy’s newborn pictures speak for themselves–they are sweet, innocent, adorable, and heartwarming–but it’s what happens on the other side of the lens that sets Joy apart from other newborn photographers.  As a first-time mom with only 8 days under my belt, I started to get pretty anxious when my little guy decided he was more interested in eating, fussing, pooping, and peeing than he was in sleeping peacefully and having his picture taken.  Joy took it all in stride (and didn’t even flinch when she was pooped and peed on several times!) and was completely at ease with my son.

She swaddled and shushed and swayed and styled him, and she did it with a patient heart and gentle hand, just as naturally as if it were her own baby.  Joy doesn’t just photograph newborns, she LOVES newborns, and it’s that love that goes into every last detail of her sessions.  I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with such special, cherished photos!”

– Cait (Stratton’s momma)



“Joy and I have been friends for over 10 years. She did my engagement and wedding photos, so when Joy packed up all her gear and headed across the country to Spokane to do newborn photos for my new baby, I was beyond excited! Joy has such an eye for detail and does incredible things with her camera. She captured such a sweet time in my baby’s life and the pictures are beyond precious to me. She worked really well with the baby, she was so gentle and careful. It was clear she knew what she was doing and is very experienced. I *highly* recommend Joy to anyone looking to capture the moments in their baby’s life that pass so quickly. You will not be disappointed. LOVE YOU JOY!”

– Heather (Hailey’s momma)




“Joy is one of the most amazing photographers. We met Joy before our son was born. She sent a slideshow of pictures after our newborn session and I watched it 10 times in a row and I cried through the entire thing because the pictures were unbelievable.

Since our first photo shoot with her, we have done 6 sessions with her (including a newborn session for our daughter) and she continues to amaze me with her talent.

And the best part, is she is so much fun to work with and makes it easy!”

– Amy (momma to Jace and Abigail)






“I can’t say enough positive things about Joy! She took the most gorgeous pictures of my daughter and son when they were only days old.

The pictures were so gorgeous and are such beautiful keepsakes of my children as newborns! Joy held my daughter and made all of the pictures gorgeous while I relaxed. She made me feel so comfortable with my babies.

Joy is a consummate professional and you will not be disappointed if you go with her for your baby’s portraits and family pictures.”

– Holly (momma to Mia and Ashton)


“We had the pleasure of first working with Joy after the birth of our first daughter Eliana. She came to do the newborn session for us and I was just certain we would have no pictures of my sweet baby girl doing anything other than crying (she was a bit of a challenging newborn). Well, we were more than pleasantly surprised. Joy was so tender and sweet with our new baby girl and above all patiently waited for just the right moment to capture memories we will always treasure. We had no photos of her crying and bunches of our new little bundle of joy looking perfectly angelic. We had such a wonderful experience with Joy that we had her do Eliana’s one year pictures and a newborn session for our newest little lady. Joy is an artist and we will enjoy the artwork she captured for us for the rest of our lives.” – Rebecca (momma to Eliana and Adalee)

“I first discovered Joy Lyn while perusing a friend’s wedding and family photos. I was in awe of the beautiful pictures, and knew I had to use this same photographer for my next big event. When Joy Lyn did our maternity photo session, we instantly fell in love with her. She has such a creative eye and a great taste for what’s in style. My husband and I had fun with her, and we felt like instant friends. She was sweet enough to care about our journey through the remainder of my pregnancy, and I couldn’t wait for her to photograph our little miracle.
When our daughter, Maggie Leigh, was just 7 days old, she came to our house, and worked her magic. As a new mom, I was exhausted and overwhelmed, and Joy did everything while I relaxed. Her patience and tenderness with our newborn was amazing to watch. She stayed at our home for as long as it took to get beautiful memories captured on camera. She waited through feedings, and diaper changes, so that our baby was happy and well taken care of, and the pictures looked just right.
I could tell she was experienced with newborn photo sessions when she sent me a list of things to think of, before our session started. She is so detail oriented, and it’s those tiny details that are the difference between good photos, and excellent photos. She was relaxed and at ease and was so great at calming our new baby, that I thought about asking her to move in!! The moments she captured in our daughters first week of life are priceless to us. We look back at them often, and are filled with gratitude. Perhaps one of the coolest things about Joy Lyn is that she even spends her own personal time to make crafts for your sessions. She knits, crochets, and even hand made crafts that added beautiful and creative details to our photos.
We are so blessed to have discovered Joy Lyn and want her to be there to capture all of our families precious moments as we go through life. I cannot imagine anyone sweeter or more talented than her. You’ll gain a life-long friend, along with your perfect pictures!” Meredith (momma to Maggie Leigh)
“The images Joy captured of my daughter, Avery, absolutely blew me away. If anyone was ever destined to be a newborn photographer, it would be Joy. She loves (looooves) babies and it was evident in the way she cradled, rocked, and comforted Avery during her session. Joy has a way of wrapping and snuggling pliable little bodies into the sweetest poses you can imagine, with the facial expressions you never want to forget.

Joy’s passion for her work made me feel like we were her top priority and favorite clients. I had mentioned to her that my parents were leery about too many bare bottomed pictures of my daughter, and Joy made her the tiniest, most adorable, knit pants I have ever seen! Not only did she make pants and matching hats for our session, Joy artfully incorporated several family antiques into Avery’s photos that make them even more precious to me. I cannot express how much we love her work!

She’s a baby whisperer. She’s an artist. Trust me, you’ll be thanking her.” – Margaret (momma to Avery)

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