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Welcome to the space on the web that I call home! I am a Chicago wedding and newborn photographer, who resides in the Chicago suburbs.

I first fell in love with photography at a young age, using my blazing hot pink 110 film camera as the medium with which I captured the world around me. I spent hours with that camera in hand, using all of my allowance to purchase film and pay for developing. I am not sure that I captured anything worthy of saving from that camera, as evidenced by the lack of photos from that time in my life! But that little camera started me off on a lifetime of interest in photography and photographing the world how I see it.

A few decades later and I can still be found with a camera in hand. My passion is to capture beautiful images for new parents. A photograph is an heirloom, the one tangible thing that we can touch and feel and in an instant be transported to another season of our lives. The images that I capture at a newborn session are taken at a stage in your newborn babies life where they are tiny, fresh, new. These are the moments that will be passed down from generation to generation – all in the form of a photograph. When you look back at the first few days after you brought your baby home from the hospital, I want you to be taken back to those moments when you were holding a baby that fit in the crook of your arm. Their head was smaller than the palm of your hand. You could inhale the fresh scent of a newborn. I want you to be able to cherish those moments for a lifetime.

I offer all of my newborn sessions on location, in your home. There is definitely no place like home, and I feel that newborns know that already. I want you as the parents to be comfortable and relaxed, I want the babies to feel safe and have the sounds and smells of home. Taking a baby out can be somewhat stressful in those first few weeks, so I try to alleviate some of that stress by coming to you!

I bring everything needed for the newborn session. Backdrops, blankets, hats, wraps, headbands, fluffy layers, baskets etc… If you have special requests for the session, I work to incorporate those into the session and give you unique images with those requests.

The investment for a newborn session starts at $475. To view a pdf of session details and the pricing that I offer, please fill out my contact form, or email me at

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